Why I Write

I don’t have natural talent like a lot of people, and I never really enjoyed writing. But I still write, and I have a blog. Here’s the back story.

Everyone around me had something for themselves.
One wrote
One sang
One danced
One was meant for the theatre
Everyone had something. I didn’t even know what i liked doing, I didn’t even know if i could do something.IMG_7642.JPG
So I went home, and forced myself to write, I tried to sing, I almost broke my toes trying to dance, I could not act if my life depended on it. But I still tried, and tried even more things to figure out what I could do. To see if I could do something, anything, really.
In the end, I just had to express without fear. In the end, as I tried and tried everything there is to try, I didn’t really care about conventions and talent and bullshit. And I tried to write, again. And I do dance, even if it’s just the chicken dance. And I do sing, and my mom knows I’m still alive after being in the shower for 2 hours.
I don’t have a talent for any of these, but I forced myself to try. And I don’t care that I don’t have a talent for them. They are made for me, as long as they make me
feel happy and warm.
The pen is mightier than the sword, they say.
It’s not the pen, its the thoughts.

Photo Credits: Meena


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